Gamepad Support on the Web


Browser Support
SafariComing soon.


Wired USB Controllers + OTG Adapter

  • Android: With a compatible OTG adapter, wired USB controllers may be used with Android. I currently use this OTG adapter with a Nexus 5X and a wired Xbox controller. Check for compatibility with your mobile device.

  • iOS: Will soon support the Gamepad API, but does not allow wired controllers.

Wireless / Bluetooth Controllers

Wired/Wireless Controller + WebRTC or WebSocket Proxy

For experimental purposes, you can connect a gamepad to your PC and send input to a mobile
device over WebRTC or WebSockets. Proof of concept:

  • Android: Supported via WebRTC, averaging 10-30ms latency in my tests.

  • iOS: Supported via WebSockets, averaging 30-70ms latency in my tests.