Exporting glTF 2.0 from Maya LT

This post will walk through the process of exporting an animated glTF 2.0 model from Maya LT. We'll use the following tools:

All of these are available for Windows


On Immigration, Refugees, and Faith

Protest in Copley Square, January 29 2017. Photo: #NoBanNoWall protest in Copley Square, January 29 2017.

The executive branch of the U.S. government has just stopped entry of refugees for 120 days, and stopped admission of Syrian refugees indefinitely, claiming: “that the entry of nationals of


Gamepad Support on the Web


Browser Support
SafariComing soon.


Wired USB Controllers + OTG Adapter

  • Android: With a compatible OTG adapter, wired USB controllers may be used with Android. I currently use this OTG adapter with a Nexus 5X and


NPM Version Bumping and Extra Files

NPM has a handy little feature for bumping the versions on your packages, and it works like this:

npm version [major | minor | patch]  

Want to run tests first, minify your code, and only publish the new version if everything works?


What Can a Technologist Do About Climate Change

From an essay by Bret Victor (@worrydream), on how the tech community "can contribute to tech and/or policy solutions," and why this is important —

You cannot calibrate your sense of what’s valuable and necessary to the current fashions